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Whether or not you are organizing an event focused on environmental issues or such, hosting an event that is environmental friendly is always a good idea. But it is not always easy to think about all the different aspects, so here are a few tips.

Think about decor material

What is your decor made of? This is something clearly visible to your guests, so make sure they can clearly tell that you have thought about the environmental aspect of your event’s decor. 

Digital tickets through the best event planning app

Skip the paper and only use digital tickets for your event. Not only does this make the whole process way easier, it is also better for our planet. Magnet is an app perfect for selling tickets and receiving payments. The app is user-friendly and organized, suited for simplifying everything surrounding your event. It can handle many different types of payment methods, so your customers can pay in whatever way suits them the best. 

Make all that you can digital

Do not only think about tickets, also think about menu cards, leaflets, etc. If you can do it digitally instead of on paper, do it. This is something people will recognize as good for the environment. 

Make it possible for your guests to donate to an organization focused on helping our environment

If fitting to your event, make it possible for your attendees to donate. The process should be easy to go through with and how to do it should be clear. You could for example either have a stand with one of your employees where people can go to donate, this place should be hard to miss. Make sure the one in charge of it can handle people exceptionally well and that the spot looks attractive. You could also do it the more discrete way and have information about how to donate written on for example the digital ticket. Whatever way suits your event.

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